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Australian Southern Cassowary

What’s scarier than a 60kg modern ‘dinosaur’ with killer claws? One that can leap 1.5 metres off the ground. To get the most out of their toe daggers, cassowaries can jump feet first, so their claws can slash downward in mid-air towards their target.

They’re great sprinters too, with a top running speed of 50 km/h through dense forest. Not only that, they’re good swimmers, with the ability to cross wide rivers and swim in the sea. That’s one animal you don’t want to be chased by!

Of the three species of cassowaries in the world, only the southern cassowary, casuarius johnsonii, is found in Australia. Like the emu and ostrich, the southern cassowary is a ratite, a large flightless bird with unusual feathers and other features that distinguish it from all other birds.

The biggest threat to cassowaries are from loss, fragmentation and modification of habitat, vehicle strikes, human interactions, dog attacks, pigs, disease and catastrophic natural events .

Natural predators include crocodiles, pythons, dingos, and quolls.

There are approximately 1500 cassowaries left in Australia and the southern cassowary is now considered endangered . Many of the forest places that they like to live in have been cleared for farming and other developments

Species name: Casuarius casuarius johnsonii

Family: Casuariidae (cassowaries and emus)

Common name: southern cassowary

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