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Chilean Independence day at the Flash Packers

Lara and Valeria enjoy Chilean Independence "down under"

Chile declared its independence from Spanish rule on September 18th, 1810. ... Chile's criollo leaders chose this as the day to declare a limited sort of self-government. While independence was declared on that date, it wasn't until February 12, 1818, that full independence was achieved.

Traditional Chilean food is cooked on open pit BBQ's known as asados. All that smoky goodness fills the air before bbq'd meat and vegetables are served up. Baked empanadas are also particularly popular.

When it comes to drinking, there is no shortage of Chilean wine to be had. Many people will get together to cook or share food, though it is possible to buy traditional food and drink from concession stands known as fondas.

What happens on Chile Independence Day?

In short: It’s party time! Many Chileans spend the entire week leading up to the day celebrating.

Chileans love to mark the occasion with food and drink, music and dancing.

food and a good time are virtually guaranteed.

The Dieciocho is a party that you won’t forget anytime soon.

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