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Octopus of the GBR

The Blanket Octopus

The blanket octopus is found in both subtropical and tropical oceans, living amongst the coral reefs.

Being nomadic creatures, they move about to different locations every couple of days. these graceful creatures can adapt to a variety of water temperatures, expanding the water they can roam in. (www.barrierreef.org.animals)

Tremoctopus. Commonly known as blanket octopuses, in reference to the long, transparent webs that connect the dorsal and dorsolateral arms of the adult females. ( Wikipedia)

the blanket octopus is carnivorous, with a diet that consists mostly of smaller fish. this octopus has one of the strangest methods of hunting prey: Using a tentacle ripped from toxic jelly fish as a weapon.!

The blanket octopus is truly a remarkable creature. it exhibits extreme sexual dimorphism - while males are only a few centimetres long, the female grows up to a whopping 2 meters !

They are rarely seen and studied, so there are still some mysteries regarding the evolution of this dimorphism, but it is known that males have a specially modified third right arm which stores sperm. during mating, this third arm detaches from the body and fertilises the female (Mihai Andrei ZME science )

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