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Scrub Pythons

Amethystine python (info wet tropics management authority)

Australia is known for its large number of extremely venomous snakes but we have at least ten python species as well. The largest snake in the country is a very common Wet Tropics celebrity which frequently visits the area's human inhabitants, especially those who keep domestic animals.

The amethystine python (Morelia amethistina) - also known locally as a scrub python - has been confirmed at seven meters long and about 30 kilograms, but anecdotal accounts suggest some larger individuals. The python has a very distinctive tan diamond pattern along its length and is often seen crossing roads in the rainforest at night.

The amethystine python usually has a docile nature. However, it is not advisable to approach or attempt to handle any snake no matter how tame it might seem. A bite from this snake could result in a severe wound that would probably bleed profusely. Additionally, a python's body is almost entirely muscle so a large individual is extraordinarily powerful. Once coiled around your body, the combined strength of several people might be required to remove it.

The photo below is of a recent visit by one of the majestic animals to the flash packers here in Palm Cove. Safely removed to the rain forest by Piers

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