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STINGRAYS Stingrays are part of the cartilaginous family, meaning they are closely related to shark

While there are 500 known species of stingrays, varying in size and colour, the common characteristics are that of being flat and disk-like with fins that look and act like wings.

Their tails can either be long, slender, and whip-like or short and lobed and they range in colour from sandy to dark brown so they blend in with their environment.

Stingrays are found throughout the world and live in coastal shallows, whether muddy or sandy and preferably calm. They live in warm tropical areas and feed on molluscs, small fish, worms and other little creatures

Here in Far north Qld you will often come across Stingrays foraging for food in the shallow waters

They are easy to spot and observe, just be careful not to stand on one.

Thee stingray in this video was observed at the Palm Cove Beach just a few minutes stroll from the Flash Packers here in Tropical Australia

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