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The Green Tree Frog Hospital.

It’s true! There is such a thing!

Our precious, beautiful and friendly Green Tree Frogs, or Litoria Caerulea if you want to get fancy, are common visitors in Far North Queensland. They are active at night and are often found hiding around our houses during the day.

Unfortunately, they do get injured. Domestic animals, pythons and road injuries are the most common risks that face our precious green tree frogs. If you do find an injured green tree frog, please email frogsafe@westnet.com.au

Though the hospital is now located at Mission Beach they still receive cases from the Cape to Mackay and also provide long distance advice for cases all round the country.

Check out their website on https://www.frogsafe.org.au or E. admin@frogsafe.org.au

As the Frog Hospital is based 2 hours South of Cairns, you can call the Frog Ambulance on 0474 580 000 ( John at Mission Link bus service) will pick up any injured frogs from a number of places in Cairns and also the airport.

The Frog Hospital have confirmed that they are always looking for volunteers and are still classified as an essential service even through these difficult Covid 19 times. So if Green Tree Frogs are your thing - head on down to Mission Beach.

As a region known for its extraordinary biodiversity, the Wet Tropics is rich in frog species. About 54 frog species occur in the Wet Tropics region as well as the introduced pest, the cane toad (Rhinellamarina). There are about 212 frog species in Australia.

If Frogs are your thing you can down load a list of frog species for the Wet Tropics bio region sourced from the Queensland Government's wild net data base. Further information can also be found at wettropics@wtma.qld.gov.au

Keep your eyes open for these elusive creatures and you will be rewarded. They are elusive but plentiful around our region. If you do come across one of these wonderful creatures, please don’t touch them as they have very sensitive skin. Just enjoy!




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