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The Wet Season

The Wet Season in Tropical Queensland

Who doesn’t love the wet season in the tropics?.

The wet season in Tropical North Queensland is traditionally the low season for holiday makers, but we love how North Queensland glistens in fresh tropical rain. How liberating is it to feel the caress of warm tropical rain on your skin?

The forest and wildlife are also loving the abundance of life-sustaining fresh water.

Why would you come to North Qld in the wet season ?

Waterfalls are at their best, You can swim in fabulous rock pools, It's mango season. Yay!

You can raft raging rivers and best of all the waters of the Great Barrier Reef are calm

From around November to April the south east trade winds ease up meaning that the waters

of the Great Barrier Reef are calm and tranquil and not buffeted by strong winds. Calm waters

mean it’s a good time to head to the outer reef for snorkelling and diving.

Rain doesn’t matter when you’re in the ocean! Admittedly it’s also marine stinger season so

you’ll need to wear a full body lycra suit to stay safe, but the humiliation of looking like a Tele

Tubby is a small price to pay to explore what David Attenborough calls his favourite place on

the planet.

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